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Tax compliance
services in New Zealand.

Our reliable corporate tax compliance services keep you ahead of your tax obligations. We are well experienced in working with all the relevant authorities, and we will complete your tax filing obligations on time, accurately report your assessable income, and help minimise your liabilities.

Accounting & tax services in Australia

Stay on top of your
tax compliance.

On-time filings & returns

We take responsibility for preparing, calculating and filing your returns accurately and punctually, helping you to always stay compliant, and to avoid penalties for late submission.

Always up-to-date

Our tax team constantly monitors and adapts to any changes in tax regulations, so you do not have to – both locally in New Zealand and on the regional level for companies operating across Asia.

Strategic tax advisory

Alongside meeting your statutory tax obligations, we can offer strategic tax advice on optimising your tax spendings, decreasing the risk of double taxation, tax incentive systems and more.

Essential tax services

Tax reporting & compliance.

  • Regular payroll and GST reporting

    We can take care of the entire payroll process, including filing and reporting requirements. We also compile and submit the monthly GST reports on your behalf.


  • R&D tax incentive applications

    Acclime specialises in helping companies obtain benefits from the government’s tax incentive programs for R&D activites, film and screen producion and digital gaming. We will work with you to ensure you are eligible for the program and can obtain the benefits available. Learn more


  • Corporate Income Tax (CIT) returns

    Our team will diligently compile and submit your annual income tax report, making sure that we have explored all possible incentives and tax exemptions that may apply to your business. As an Asia specialist, Acclime can also advise you on your regional tax efficiency.


  • Fringe Benefits Tax returns

    Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) is paid by employers on certain benefits they provide to their employees or their employees’ family or other associates and is reported separately. Acclime will advise you on what FBT may apply in your case and will make the filings appropriately.


  • Expatriate taxes for visiting contractors, employees, sportspersons, crew

    Acclime’s tax specialists assist visitors to manage all aspects of taxation while contracted to work in New Zealand. We help with pre-arival planning, registrations, deductions and reporting.

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Acclime benefits

Why outsource your tax reporting to Acclime.

We have a highly professional and experience team of tax experts and accountants who are dedicated to best-practice in corporate governance.

Tax expertise

Out tax team is comprised of Chartered Tax Advisors and Accountants, all with specialist knowledge to expertly guide clients through the ever-changing and dynamic NZ tax landscape.

Strategic advice

We use our local and international knowledge to guide you to greater tax efficiency, supporting you with everything from applications for incentives to planning profit extraction.

Regional specialists

We work hard to help you meet global tax transparency within the NZ tax envoronment. As regional specialists we can also help you with your tax efficiency across borders. See our regional locations.

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