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Resident director
& officer services
in New Zealand.

There are residency requirements for New Zealand company officers. Acclime will appoint an experienced and locally-based Resident Director, Company Secretary and Resident Public Officer to expertly manage your compliance, legislative and regulatory requirements.

Company secretary in New Zealand

Run your business efficiently with
our resident company officers.

Ensuring compliance

Leverage our years of experience in the market to achieve compliance for your business. No matter your company’s size, we can support and guide you in protecting your business interests.

Acting in good faith

Our appointees always have the best interests of your company at heart, and understand clearly that they are merely representatives of the shareholders when liaising with regulatory authorities.

Providing advice

Our appointees are experts on the New Zealand corporate, legal, and financial landscape, and so are well placed to offer advice on governance and compliance.

Resident director and officer services

Providing and acting as your resident officers.

It is a requirement that a company director be resident in New Zealand. Acclime specialises in providing expert appointees to fill the position for foreign companies transitioning to New Zealand and not ready to establish a high-level presence locally.

Essential resident company officer services.

  • Resident director

    This appointee will provide services that are required to be performed by a local director, including:

    • Signing documents for filing with regulatory authorities (e.g. NZCO)
    • Acting as the shareholder’s representative to ensure compliance
    • Liaising with regulatory authorities and financial institutions
    • Providing general advice about the NZ corporate, legal, and financial landscape
  • Resident trustee

    New Zealand foreign trusts are popular with overseas investors and businesses as foreign derived income is not taxable while the beneficiaries are not NZ resident. Acclime provides tax experts to act as the resident trustee to ensure compliance.

  • Resident company secretary

    This appointee will provide a complete range of corporate governance and compliance services, including:

    • Planning and managing Board, committee and shareholder meetings
    • Preparing and lodging official forms
    • Maintaining statutory registers
    • Providing general governance and compliance advice

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  • Resident public officer

    This appointee will act as liaison with the IRD in:

    • Managing all correspondence and communication with the IRD
    • Acting as the authorised representative of the company
    • Signing official returns to be lodged with the IRD
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