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Local Agent
for foreign companies
in New Zealand.

A foreign company doing business in New Zealand ought to appoint a Local Agent in order to meet legal requirements. Acclime acts as the Local Agent for foreign companies seeking to break into the NZ market before taking the step to incorporate a subsidiary.

Company secretary in Hong Kong

Build your business prior to incorporation in New Zealand
with our Local Agent service.

Hassle free compliance

Leverage our years of experience in the market to achieve compliance for your business. No matter your company’s size, we can support and guide you in protecting your business interests.

Custom & flexible solutions

We are fully flexible and custom-deliver for your business. This means that we will create a tailored solution that perfectly meets your specific case and won’t include anything you don’t need.

Regular review

As your local agent we will continue reviewing your business practices and reporting to ensure compliance is uninterrupted and opportunities for growth are not missed.

Local Agent services

Fufilling your Local Agent requirements.

A foreign company can register directly with NZCO without incorporating in New Zealand. This is not a separate legal entity from the parent company. In practice, it is similar to establishing a branch office. It does, however, require a Local Agent.

Essential Local Agent services.

  • Registering as a foreign business

    Our Local Agent service includes registering your company as a foreign business by:

    • Reserving the business name
    • Compiling, completing and filing the applications
    • Acting as the named Local Agent, assuming responsibility for legal compliance
    • Liaising with regulatory authorities and financial institutions
    • Providing general advice about the Australian corporate, legal, and financial landscape
  • Maintaining foreign business compliance

    Our ongoing responsibilities as your Local Agent include:

    • Planning and managing local board meetings
    • Registering any changes to company details
    • Maintaining statutory registers
    • Providing general governance and compliance advice
    • Dissolving the registration when required
  • Providing the registered address

    A registered foreign business not only needs a Local Agent, but must also have a registered address. We provide for the following:

    • Providing a commercial address for registrations
    • Displaying the company name at places of business in line with requirements
    • Liaising with officials during physical inspections and through communications

Additional services.

  • Accounting & tax filing

    Depending on size, registered foreign companies may need to lodge financial statements with NZCO annually. Financial statements comprise a balance sheet, profit and loss, and cash flow statement, any other documents the company is required to prepare by the law that applies in its home jurisdiction (such as an audit report). Acclime’s accounting services team can expertly assist with the preparation and filing of all the necessary reports.

  • Virtual office services

    In addition to providing a registered address as your appointed Local Agent, we can provide professional office services, including:

    • Forwarding mail from NZCO, IRD, banks, etc
    • Posting and couriering official documents and correspondence
    • Making phone calls on the company’s behalf
    • Providing customer service support
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