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Corporate governance
services in New Zealand.

We provide comprehensive governance services you will need to seamlessly operate your business in New Zealand.

Business services in Singapore

Our corporate governance services.

Resident director & other officers

There are residency requirements for New Zealand company officers, fund trustees and general partners. Acclime will appoint an experienced and locally-based Resident Director or other officer to expertly manage your compliance and regulatory requirements.

Company secretary

Acclime works with boards and senior management to provide highly professional, cost effective company secretarial support and best practice corporate governance programs. This enables directors and executives to focus on strategic and operational objectives while leaving regulatory compliance and the associated risks in safe, experienced hands.

Local agent for foreign businesses

A foreign company doing business in New Zealand can appoint a Local Agent in order to meet legal requirements. Acclime acts as the Local Agent for foreign companies seeking to break into the NZ market before taking the step to incorporate a subsidiary.

Virtual CFO

Our experienced financial consultants have the expertise, local knowledge, and objectivity to guide your company through financial management at a fraction of the cost of an internal hire.

How Acclime can help.

Our corporate governance services bring ease and clarity to operating your business in New Zealand.

Consultative approach

We provide advice on which services your business requires. We make sure you are always up to date with the process and get all the answers you need for running your business in New Zealand.

Hassle-free compliance

Operating a company in New Zealand comes with a host of time-consuming tasks. Let Acclime unburden you from all of these laborious responsibilities and let you focus on your core business.

Project management

We will advise you on the process and progress, keeping you fully informed. You can be assured we will remind you when your input is needed avoiding delays.

Document issuance

We always make sure all official documents are issued, updated and completed. We will keep a record of changes to your company.