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Private limited liability company in New Zealand.

Leverage our in-depth expertise and get everything you need to successfully and compliantly establish an incorporated company in New Zealand without unnecessary hassle or stress. We can have your private limited liability company (Ltd.) set up in one month.

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Your trusted partner for starting your company.

Getting it right

We do not simply register a company; we help you start your business on the right foot. Our team has expertise in a range of industries and will give expert advice where required.

Looking ahead

We love to build long-term collaborations, and will proactively alert you to ongoing requirements and their timeframes. We aim to be a one-stop-shop for your admin outsourcing needs.

Supporting you

We work hard on delivering not just professional but also extremely personable customer support to all of our clients, whether you are managing your business from NZ or abroad.

Complete company services

Everything you need to successfully set up an incorporated company in New Zealand.

If you choose to establish a New Zealand company, this will be classed as its own legal entity able to conduct business throughout the country. Our comprehensive services make it easy to expand to New Zealand and get your business running efficiently whether you are in-country or not.

Essential company services.

  • Company registration

    We will prepare and file all the documents to complete your company registration with NZCO.

    Six registration steps:

    1. Registering the business name. We gain approval of the unique business name and reserve it prior to incorporation
    2. Registering for a New Zealand Business Number. This unique ID number simplifies your transactions with suppliers, clients and government departments
    3. Registering for a Certificate of Incorporation. We will submit all the required paperwork and work with NZCO until certification is approved
    4. Opening a business bank account. We will assist with opening an account with a bank licensed to operate in NZ.
    5. Registering for the Goods & Services Tax. This is required if your turnover meets or exceeds NZD60,000 per annum
    6. Registering for a company tax ID. We will register with the Internal Revenue Department (IRD), ideally at the date the company is registered

  • Registered office solutions

    Acclime provides both physical and virtual registered office solutions to minimise the cost and complexity of incorporating in New Zealand without a presence. Where you intend to lease your own office space, we can assist with checking the lease agreement details to make sure registration is clear.

  • Resident Director and officers

    It is a requirement that the director be resident in New Zealand. Acclime will appoint an experienced, NZ-based Resident Director and Company Secretary to expertly manage your compliance, legislative and regulatory requirements.

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Additional compliance services.

We also provide one-off and ongoing services to keep your business compliant with all the government requirements.

  • Local Agent for
    foreign companies

    A foreign company can register to do business in New Zealand, but one of the main requirements is that there is an appointed and registered Local Agent. Acclime New Zealand can act as your Local Agent and perform all tasks required by law to remain compliant.

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  • Accounting & tax

    Acclime offers comprehensive accounting and tax services to companies and subsidiaries that have not yet enlisted a full-time financial officer. Leverage our CFO expertise for your accounting and tax requirements.

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  • HR & payroll

    Pay your employees on time and keep track of compensations and benefits to ensure compliance with labour laws.

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  • Tax advisory

    Our tax advisory professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in managing tax considerations throughout the whole life cycle of a New Zealand company. They can provide expert and considered guidance.

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Registration process

Five requirements to
register your new company.

1. Choose your company name carefully

The name can’t be identical to another, misleading or offensive. We assist with checks and make suggestions where there is a potential issue.

2. Establish your company management

You must appoint at least one Director who resides in New Zealand (or Australia if already a director of a company there). We offer a service to fill this role for you while you are in the process of building your New Zealand business.

3. Provide details of the ultimate holding company

To register your New Zealand company that has another company (foreign or domestic) as a shareholder, you will need to provide the registration documents for that company.

4. Provide details of the number of shares

Minimum requirement for share structure is 1 share at NZD1.00. Obviously most businesses will require a share structure that matches the business plan, and this needs consideration prior to the incorporation. Acclime can advise you on how to structure your company.

5. Location of registered office

You will need to provide the address for your registered office and principal place of business. Acclime offers office solutions to assist you with fulfilling the requirements for legal registration with NZCO.
Foreign business ownership

Own and control 100% of your company as a foreign investor.

New Zealand allows ownership of companies by foreign individuals or companies. If a foreign company is the sole shareholder in a NZ company, then careful consideration is required in how best to set up the company. Prior approval for investment may be required in some cases e.g. real-estate and large investments. There is also the need for a director to be resident in New Zealand, but generally the environment is friendly towards foreign investment.


Common questions.

Why establish a subsidiary in New Zealand as a Limited Company?
Establishing a subsidiary in New Zealand as a Limited Company can offer several strategic advantages for businesses seeking international expansion. New Zealand boasts a stable and transparent business environment with a well-established legal framework, making it an attractive destination for foreign investment. The country’s ease of doing business, low corruption levels, and skilled workforce further enhance its appeal. As a Limited Company, the subsidiary provides a distinct legal entity, offering liability protection for the parent company. Additionally, New Zealand’s favorable tax regime, which includes no capital gains tax and a competitive corporate tax rate, can contribute to a more tax-efficient operation. The country’s proximity to the Asia-Pacific region also positions it as a strategic hub for businesses looking to tap into the growing markets of the area. Overall, establishing a subsidiary in New Zealand can provide a solid foundation for growth, financial stability, and access to a diverse and dynamic market.
Quick facts about Limited Companies
  1. Legal Structure:
    Limited Companies in New Zealand are legal entities separate from their owners, providing limited liability protection.
  2. Incorporation Process:
    To form a Limited Company in New Zealand, individuals must register with the Companies Office, providing necessary documentation and details.
  3. Ownership:
    Limited Companies have shareholders who own the company’s shares. Ownership can be divided among multiple shareholders.
  4. Limited Liability:
    Shareholders’ liability is generally limited to the amount they have invested in the company. Personal assets are protected from business debts.
  5. Directors:
    A Limited Company must have at least one director who may also be a shareholder. Directors are responsible for managing the company’s operations.
  6. Company Name:
    The chosen company name must be unique and approved by the Companies Office. It should not be misleading or too similar to existing businesses.
  7. Share Capital:
    Limited Companies can issue shares to raise capital. The share capital represents the ownership of the company.
  8. Annual Return:
    Companies in New Zealand must file an annual return with the Companies Office, providing updated information about the company’s structure and directors.
  9. Financial Statements:
    Limited Companies are required to maintain accurate financial records and prepare annual financial statements. These statements may need to be audited, depending on the company’s size.
  10. Taxation:
    Limited Companies are subject to corporate income tax in New Zealand. They must obtain an Inland Revenue Department (IRD) number and fulfill tax obligations.
  11. Registered Office:
    A Limited Company must have a registered office in New Zealand. This address is used for official communication and must be updated with the Companies Office.
  12. Compliance:
    Companies need to comply with the Companies Act and other relevant regulations. Failure to comply may result in penalties or legal consequences.
  13. Annual Meeting:
    Limited Companies are required to hold an annual general meeting (AGM) where financial statements are presented, and directors are appointed.
  14. Dissolution:
    If a Limited Company ceases its operations, it must go through a formal process of dissolution, involving the cancellation of registration with the Companies Office.
  15. Business Number:
    Upon registration, a Limited Company is issued a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) which is used for various business transactions and interactions with government agencies.

It’s essential to note that regulations may change, and it’s advisable to consult with legal or financial professionals for the most up-to-date information.

What restrictions apply to Limited Companies?

In New Zealand, limited companies, commonly known as limited liability companies, are subject to various legal and regulatory restrictions to ensure proper governance and compliance. One key restriction is the requirement to adhere to the Companies Act 1993, which outlines the legal framework for the establishment, operation, and dissolution of companies in the country. Limited companies must maintain accurate and up-to-date records, including financial statements, and file annual returns with the Companies Office.

Directors of these companies are obligated to act in the best interests of the company and exercise their powers responsibly. Additionally, there are rules regarding the issuance of shares, and companies are required to disclose certain information, such as the names of directors and the company’s registered office address.

Compliance with taxation laws, including Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations, is also mandatory for limited companies in New Zealand. Failure to adhere to these restrictions may result in penalties, fines, or other legal consequences, underscoring the importance of diligent corporate governance and adherence to regulatory requirements.

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