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Company registration
in New Zealand.

Leverage our in-depth expertise and get everything you need to successfully and compliantly establish an efficient tax entity in New Zealand without unnecessary hassle or stress.

Company registration in Australia

Start your business expansion in New Zealand with confidence.

Expert guidance

We will seamlessly guide you through the government requirements, removing the confusion and providing clarity for what can be an otherwise drawn-out process for starting a business.

Fast processing

We listen carefully to your needs and will work with you to devise a process and timeline that meets your requirements without cutting corners and sacrificing utmost compliance.

Respectful collaboration

Acclime’s professionals work with you to establish and maintain a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. We specialise in being a trusted partner while working at distance.

Company formation options

Select the best structure for your business

We can reliably help you with the process of registrations when expanding to New Zealand. There are several structures you can choose. The most popular are:

Limited Partnership.

Limited partnerships are a form of partnership involving general partners, who are liable for all the debts and liabilities of the partnership, and limited partners, who are liable to the extent of their capital contribution to the partnership.

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Private limited liability company.

A company is legally separate from its owners (directors and shareholders). This limits the owners’ risk and is a reason why many businesses that export set up as companies. Annual returns must be filed with both the Companies Office and Inland Revenue Department.

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Look-through company.

A Look-Through Company is the same as the traditional limited liability company; However, the laws differ regarding the taxation of the company’s income. The income and expenditure of an LTC are expressly in the hands of the shareholders.

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Unsure about which structure is right for you?

Get a clear picture of starting your company in New Zealand by scheduling a free 30-minute consultation with us. We can advise you on anything from the optimal business structure, capital investment, full foreign ownership options to shareholder requirements and more.

Essential formation services

Foreign business ownership

Own and control 100% of your company as a foreign investor.

New Zealand allows ownership of companies by foreign individuals or companies. If a foreign company is the sole shareholder in a New Zealand company, then careful consideration on how the company is set up is required. Prior approval for investment may be required in some cases e.g. real-estate and large investments. There is also the need for a director to be resident in New Zealand, but generally the environment is friendly towards foreign investment.

Acclime can also assist with other tax entities

Trust/foundation establishment.

Acclime will review and set up vehicles for your private (family) assets, ensuring they are held effectively while balancing the commercial, taxation and succession issues alongside your personal wishes.

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Fund founding & administration.

Our fund management team has extensive experience in project managing the launch of funds, as well as expertly handling the ongoing administration requirements.

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