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Tax advisory & planning
in New Zealand.

If you are seeking to minimise your taxes or expand your business aboard, we can help you by providing a substantial tax planning strategy.

Tax advisory & planning in Singapore

Reduce your taxes & boost business profitability.

Your tax system optimised

We will help you minimise your tax liabilities in New Zealand by optimising your current tax structure, including tax health check, identifying and mitigating tax inefficiencies and leaks, eliminating the risk of double taxation and more.

Identifying new opportunities

We can assist you in getting back any money you might have been unknowingly giving to the government by maximising the tax concessions, cash repatriation an incentives system.

Strategic tax planning

Our tax team will advise businesses that are making significant transactions or arranging to expand to other markets in APAC by providing tax guidance on executing them tax-efficiently.

Corporate & personal tax advisory

Our tax advisory services.

Corporate tax.

  • Corporate & international tax

    Our NZ tax teams assist private companies, HNW individuals and migrants to maximise tax efficiency. Our corporate tax services include providing expert advice on:

    • Cross border and offshore taxation and tax structuring with our teams in Australia, UK and USA
    • Providing advice on the most efficient way for a company to be set up, including the shareholding structure
    • Capital structure, balance sheet tax structuring, owner-business tax options
    • Annual tax planning, grouping, loss shelters, tax beneficial cash extraction, R&D tax credits
    • NZ business vehicle and investment structuring
    • Transaction (M&A) tax structuring, business ownership changes, tax due diligence and forensics
    • Specialist value add and value protect services
    • Capital raising, IPO, merger, acquisition, disposals, domestic and cross-border
    • Tax due diligence
    • Tax risk assessments
    • Tax loss & imputation credit preservation
    • Financing and tax structuring deals
    • Tax assumptions in valuations and financial modelling
    • Documentation review and planning including indemnities and warranties
    • IRD approvals
  • Transfer pricing advisory

    If your business is related in importing or exporting products, we can provide you with a transfer pricing guide. This report will help you identify transfer pricing rules and the direction of pricing your goods and services, and also a comparison of other transactions made in the market.

  • International standards consulting, compliance & support

    Global tax transparency has seen a high level of government scrutiny over the last few years. Acclime provides advice and compliance services for matters that are now part of the New Zealand tax landscape, including:}

    • The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
    • The Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

  • Goods & Services Tax (GST) advisory

    • Navigating the complexity of NZ’s GST rules
    • GST input tax reclaims on asset purchases
    • Exempt GST services and supplies
    • Maximising your GST input tax claims
    • GST expertise to retirement villages and financial service providers
    • Zero-rated supplies/transactions
    • GST adjustments, second hand goods and mixed-use assets
  • Tax disputes, investigations & risk management

    • Analysis of IRD assessments and the legal position with management of dispute investigations and settlements
    • Advice on tax obligations and rights helping you decide when to fight and when to settle
    • Assessment of tax risks
  • Specialist share scheme expertise (ESOP design & implementation)

    • Designing ‘win-win’ benefits from an ESOP
    • Advising on best practice and industry standards with examples
    • Flexible design features and criteria for eligibility
    • Balancing commercial/securities laws with commercial needs
Single time- or project-based fee

Personal tax.

  • Expatriate taxes for visiting contractors, employees, sportspersons and crew

    We will help you identify your tax reliefs and deductions. Our personal tax services include:

    • Pre-planning your NZ presence and the tax consequences
    • NZ resident vs NZ visitor tax advice
    • Expatriate new migrant tax exemptions
    • NZ tax source and taxation rules
    • Contractors vs employees and the tax obligations for each
    • Advice on claiming expenses
    • Management advice for minimising NZ taxes
    • Registrations required and NZ tax withholdings
    • Handling your NZ GST obligations
    • Full NZ tax management, compliance, and foreign tax credit services

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