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Investment visa
in New Zealand.

Acclime combines specialist IAA licensed immigration advice with its commercial business experience to assist foreign business owners with their NZ migration.

Investment visa in Hong Kong

What is an Active Investment Plus visa?

A New Zealand Active Investment Plus visa permits you to work and study in New Zealand. It includes visas for your partner, and dependent children aged 24 and under, and allows application for permanent residence after 4 years of keeping your funds in New Zealand. Acclime’s Licensed Immigration Advisors will take you through the process.

Investment visa in numbers.

11 months

Application process


Length of stay


Minimum investment
Eligibility criteria

Who is eligible for investment visa.

You will be eligible to apply for an Active Investment Plus visa if you:

  • Provide photos and proof of identity
  • Have a chest x-ray and a medical examination as proof of your good health
  • Are of good character. If you, or anyone else included in your application, are aged 17 or older you must provide a police certificate from:
    • all the countries you are a citizen of, and
    • any other country you have stayed in for 12 months or more over the last 10 years, even if it was not all in the same stay.
  • Are a fit and proper person. All businesses you have influence over must have complied with all immigration, employment and taxation laws. You must also:
    • have never been investigated by the Serious Fraud Office or the New Zealand police for any offence resulting from business dealings
    • have no convictions for an offence involving dishonesty
    • have never been involved in business fraud or financial impropriety
  • Invest NZD $15 million or the weighted equivalent in acceptable investments in New Zealand

Taking care of the whole application process from start to finish.

Pre-application advice

Advice on acquiring an Active Investment Plus visa in New Zealand and requirements for a successful application.

Application tracking

Filing and tracking the status of applications.

Document issuance

Arranging for issuance of investment visa upon in-principle approval.


Handling of documents and other requirements to maintain the visa status.
Investment criteria

What you will need to apply.

What makes an investment acceptable?

An acceptable investment for the Active Investor Plus Visa means an investment of the funds that:

  • is not for the personal use of the applicant,
  • is invested in New Zealand in New Zealand currency, and is invested in either one of more of the following:
    • listed equities
    • philanthropy
    • managed funds, or
    • direct investments.

The acceptable investment is determined at the time the investment is made and must continue to meet the requirements of an acceptable investment during the 48-month investment period.

The investment value is determined at the time it has been made, inclusive of investment fees (such as management fees), brokerage fees and transaction fees charged.

The weighting system

Acceptable investments carry different weightings toward the NZD $15 million investment threshold. You can invest in a combination of these. Direct investments into a private business will receive the highest weighting (3x). This means that you could meet the required investment amount by investing NZD $5 million into direct investment.

Investment typeWeighting
Listed equities
Maximum: NZD $7.5 million
Each $1 invested will be accorded the value of $1
Maximum: NZD $7.5 million
Each $1 invested will be accorded the value of $1
Managed fundsX2
Each $1 invested will be accorded the value of $2
Direct investmentX3
Each $1 invested will be accorded the value of $3

More information on each investment type can be found on the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) website.

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