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Accounting services
in New Zealand.

Avoid the hassle of maintaining your accounts with our reliable accounting services and enjoy running your business knowing that your books and records are kept up to date.

Accounting services in Singapore

Smart accounting services
that scale with your needs.

Flexible options

We offer a variety of options that you can choose from whether you want monthly or quarterly services, or just a year-end report. Choose the service that applies to your business and pay based on the service.

Timely reminders

There is no need to worry about deadlines as our accountants will always keep you posted of any approaching deadlines.

Real-time access

We use Xero which can be accessed by you and us collaboratively. If you prefer, you can enter the transactions by yourself to save some bookkeeping costs.

Essential accounting services

Bookkeeping & statutory compliance.

  • Bookkeeping & transaction processing

    • Bookkeeping either in our office or your place of business
    • First, we will set up your books and all of the ledgers required for your business in Xero, a cloud-based accounting system, and help you transition from legacy systems
    • We will then assist in maintaining monthly bookkeeping of your company based on approved payment vouchers, approved claim forms, bank statements, bank-in slips, bank credit advice, bank debit advice and other accounting source information provided by your management
    • Establishing automatic bank account feeds
    • Setting up all payments in bank transactions for client approval online

    Monthly, quarterly or annually

    Financial reporting / Management accounts
    • Preparation and submission of the monthly accounts (Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Bank Reconciliation) to your local office and the headquarters for approval
    • We can also provide bank signatories if required

    Monthly, quarterly or semi-annually

  • Compliance reporting

    Year-end financial statement

    New Zealand law requires all trading entities to prepare their year-end financial statements and income tax returns for lodgement with New Zealand Inland Revenue. We will help prepare the financial statements based on the monthly/ quarterly accounts that we have completed, or we can use your financial records to produce the annual accounts and income tax return.


    IFRS conversion

    We will help prepare the financial statements using different financial reporting framework including IFRS reporting, as required, or any other framework or format for any head office requirement. This includes converting your financial statements for first year IFRS adoption.


    GST registration & filing

    If the company is required to register for GST a quarterly return needs to be prepared and lodged with the IRD. We will compute all GST related calculations and make the necessary quarterly filings with the IRD.


    Audit assistance

    We will advise you on whether your company needs to be audited under NZ law. Should your company’s accounts need to be audited, we have good working relationships with a range of local and international audit firms and will work to ensure that the audit is completed most efficiently. Acclime will work closely with the auditor to provide the required schedules, supporting documents and answers to their queries, with minimum disruption to your work.


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Additional accounting services.

Depending on your company size, you may also need some of our ad-hoc & ongoing services:

Management reporting

We can prepare an entity’s management accounts and/or group consolidated accounts using a cloud accounting software, covering the following:

  • Design and implementation of an accounting system and reporting structure for newly incorporated companies
  • Preparation of periodic management reports, including group reporting packages
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements for statutory or management reporting purposes

Sales framework assistance

We can help you set up a comprehensive sales framework that range from refining sellers’ approach to drafting reports. Our assistance includes:

  • Assisting with new client Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Understanding and advising on client contracts
  • Establishing an online/digital quote process
  • Ensure timely invoicing
  • Chasing for payment on overdue invoices
  • Reporting invoices due and overdue to management

Outsourced virtual CFO

Our experienced financial consultants have the expertise, local knowledge, and objectivity to guide your company through financial management at a fraction of the cost of an internal hire.

Vendor payment support

Acclime can act as your finance department to manage the client’s receipts and payments and other day-to-day tasks. This service includes:

  • On the payments side receiving and reviewing incoming invoices from vendors, obtaining approval from client’s personnel and payment processing based on agreed payment schedule
  • On the receipts side, drafting invoices for clients and following up on payment, if necessary
  • Establishing a purchase control framework
  • New vendor registration
  • Matching invoice to goods/service received
  • Maximising payment terms
  • Setting up payments in banking systems for management approval
  • Recording and reporting on supplier payments in accounting systems

Review of accounting policies & procedures

  • Confirm the technical accuracy or the current accounting policies
  • Update accounting policies to reflect the current accounting developments
  • Benchmark the current accounting policies against industry norms

Accounting advisory

Leverage our team of professional’s expertise via insightful advice on new business incorporation, existing business process improvement, cross-border expansion and integration, and so much more.

Financial planning and analysis

Going beyond reporting for statutory purposes, our team of professionals can assist with budgeting and forecasting, oversight of internal controls and more.

Acclime benefits

Why outsource your accounting to Acclime.

We have a professional team who will set up and manage your accounting, and we assist businesses of all sizes.

On-time and error-free

Let our specialised team of certified accountants manage your accounts. We ensure that our work is delivered on time and without costly mistakes.

Experienced accountants

We have a clear understanding of the local laws and regulations and can confidently guide you through setting up the right accounting structure and maintenance for your business.

Regional specialists

Our presence in Asia can help your business expand beyond New Zealand to other important markets in the region. View all our regional locations.

Not happy with your current provider?

Move your accounting to Acclime.

Switching from one accountancy firm to another doesn’t have to give you sleepless nights! We will take care of the entire process for you, from start to finish, starting with contacting your current accountant to request all the info we need to register with IRD to act on your behalf, so you can focus on running your business.

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